Friendship part 2

Friendship begins in the family. In the Family, we learn to share, care, give, take and forgive. We also learn to grow old together. This is also the place to discover and explore unknown areas such as affection, misunderstanding, tenderness and criticism. In building relationships, the family plays a significant role. Our family experience helps us to build strong friendship. What we experience in the family we pass it on to others. But, we cannot fully return it back to our parents, brothers and sisters. We can only pass it on to our friends and well wishers. Sometimes, when new friendship begins, the old friendship ends. Every friendship enriches our human experience. Do you think that your own family life experience can help you to get along with your friends? What do you think about your present family life? Do you think that the increase in broken relationship has something to do with the modern family life? Good families promote the real value of friendship such as caring, sharing, forgiving, mutual cooperation, team spirit and self sacrifice. 

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