Friendship part 5

Friends often come and go in the journey of our life. Some would stay with us only for a short time while others would stay longer. In order to keep our friendship growing and alive, we have to nurture it. We could, for example, express our gratitude by writing a card or making a phone call. If you know that your friend is going through a rough time at home or at work or having a health problem, give encouragement, by making a phone call or send a getwell card or email. Sometimes, even going out together for a film or a meal or for an outdoor activity with your friend could be of great help in nurturing your friendship. Giving a meaningful gift could be another way to nurture your friendship. The gift need not be big or very expensive. Often, the smallest but thoughtful gifts are the best.If you could give something that your friend is looking for, it could give a spark of great joy. Sometimes, good friendship end with small conflicts and misunderstandings. You learn to argue if needed, in a healthy way and work through the issues staying calm and being open. What are your expectations from your close friend? How do you nurture your friendship? 

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