Meditation Part 5

Some popular forms of meditation.
Meditation is very popular in the city culture. There are many names and forms of meditation and often very confusing. I shall enumerate a few and explain a very simple and unique form of meditation to help you to release stress and tension.
Examples of meditations are:
• Vipasana meditation
• Zen meditation
• Transcendental meditation
• Kriya yoga meditation
• Raja yoga meditation
• Hatha yoga meditation
• Patanjali yoga meditation
• Nature meditation
• Iganatian method of meditation
• Peace meditation
Peace meditation is a simple and unique combination of all the above meditations. It was originally developed by Swami Saccidanda Bharathi. He called it shanti yagna meditation. Shanti means peace, yagna means effort. A personal effort to become a peaceful person by practicing meditation daily. It is an inter-religious meditation which can be shared by all irrespective of culture and religious background to bring forgiveness, reconciliation and peace. The emphasis is on divine grace rather than human effort. Therefore, the posture, time and duration etc is less important. It is an all inclusive approach to promote peace. If you are interested in practicing the peace meditation, follow the upcoming blogs.

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