Meditation Part 6

The first stage of Peace mediation: Learn to sit erect and relaxed
• Find a comfortable position and sit like a child on your mother’s lap
• Close your eyes to have better control of your senses
• Breathe in deeply, breathe out very slowly, do this gently for a few minutes to remain calm and still
• Bring your attention to each parts of your body from head to foot
• Tell yourself, I am relaxed and I feel the relaxation within

Once you have learned to sit in a relaxed way, you can proceed to the next stage of this meditation.

Second stage of Peace meditation: Reconciliation and Forgiveness
• Try to recall faces of people with whom you often interact and work with in your daily life
• Try to recollect the faces of people who have hurt your feelings or who have humiliated you and wounded you including those whom you have hurt and wounded
• Send them the vibrations of peace, good wishes and blessings. Continue this process until you no longer feel your anger, hatred and resentment towards them
• This may often take some time. Once you have done it a number times over a number of days, you will be fully freed of your negative feelings

Third stage of Peace meditation: Develop an attitude of gratitude
• Fill your heart with an attitude of gratitude
• Think of the countless blessings and good opportunities you have received in your life
• Thank your parents, teachers, brothers, sisters, friends and benefactors who have made your life happy and meaningful
• Express an attitude of gratitude for all the good opportunities and encouragements, help and support you have received from others
• What you are today is the result of your selfless self-sacrificing love for others

Fourth stage of Peace meditation: Develop inner peace and harmony
• Breathe in deeply; breathe out slowly and very gently
• Concentrate fully on your breathing (in and out)
• Try to remain in communion with yourself, creator (God ) and with nature
• Bring your attention from head to foot and say a word of thank you to different parts of your body
• Send vibrations of peace, harmony and blessings of good wishes to whoever you wish
• Make a gentle smile and remain smiling for a few seconds
• Bring your palms together and rub it. Make it warm and give a gentle massage to your face and eye lids and open your eyes gently
• Open your eyes and sing Loka Samantha suction Bhavantu (may all beings be happy)

Note: End of Peace meditation. Try to find quality time either in the morning or before going to bed to practice this meditation for at least 15 minutes to develop peace and inner harmony to free yourself from stress and tension of the day

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