Eucharist (Holy Mass) Part 20

Singing with the Angels
When we pray: Holy, Holy…. we are joining our voices with the angels and saints in heaven in their jubilant hymn of praise. In the Eucharistic Liturgy, we become like Isaiah and St John, caught up to the heavenly liturgy. We are mystically entering the heavenly throne room – the same one that Isaiah saw in his earth shaking vision that filled the Temple with smoke as the angels sang. Like them, we are preparing to encounter the all holy divine Lord, who will become present on the altar. No wonder we fall to our knees in reverence after singing this hymn. The second half of this prayer is known as the Sanctus (Latin for Holy). We repeat words which the crowds used to greet Jesus as he proceeds into Jerusalem: Hosanna and blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord. (Ps 118) Hosanna is Hebrew meaning “save us” It is fitting that we repeat these words at the moment in the Liturgy as we welcome Jesus into our churches, for he is about to become present in the Eucharist on our altars.

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