Eucharist (Holy Mass) Part 23

The anamnesis refers to a prayer which identifies what is happening in the Mass. Jesus said, “Do this in memory of me. “ The priest tells the Father in heaven that the Church has been faithful in fulfilling this command: Therefore, as we celebrate the memorial of his Death and Resurrection…” (Eucharistic Prayer II)
The anamnesis serves as the basis for a second prayer known as the Offering, “which expresses how in the Mass we have the awesome privilege of offering what Jesus offered on Good Friday. On the cross, Jesus offered up his sacrifice alone. In the Mass, he offers it with his Church as he associates us with this sacrifice.

We are invited to unite ourselves with this sacrifice of Christ, which is why the Eucharistic Prayer calls this not only Christ’s sacrifice, but also, “the oblation of your Church” The symbolism of the gifts also points to how the Church offers itself to God not on its own, but in union with Christ’s sacrifice.

As the Eucharistic prayers near their conclusion, the priest makes various intercessions.

1. He prays for all who will soon be nourished by the body and blood of Christ. He prays that “they may become one body, one spirit in Christ. “

2. The priest prays for the Church universal, naming the pope and the local bishop and then interceding for all bishops, clergy, and the entire people of God, both the living and the dead.

3. Some intercessions include interceding for “all who seek you with a sincere heart” (Eucharistic Prayer IV) and praying that the sacrifice of the Mass “advance the peace and salvation of all the World”

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