Eucharist (Holy Mass) Part 34

The prayer Lord, I am not worthy : In response to the invitation to the marriage supper of the Eucharist, we say a prayer that on one hand acknowledges our complete unworthiness to receive our Lord and at the same time, expresses confidence that Jesus calls us and can heal us:

Lord, I am not worthy
That you should enter under my roof
But only say the word
And my soul shall be healed.

We recognize our unworthiness to have Jesus come under the roof of our souls in Holy Communion. But we do trust that Jesus can heal us as he becomes the most intimate guest of our soul in the Eucharist.

After the distribution of the Eucharist, the priest cleanses the vessels and says the “Prayer after Communion” in which he prays for the spiritual fruits of the Eucharist to take effect in our lives.

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