The act of charity

The act of kindness to some is like tonic for the day. When you share with generosity, whatever small things that you do, doubles your joy. It makes you feel that you are thoughtful of him or her. You always feel good when you give something to someone without a selfish motive. One has to give for the sake of giving without expecting anything in return. This is often difficult. Can you remember a day or an event when you gave your time, talents, resources or ideas to someone freely without expecting anything in return? The world continues to be a good place to live in when people begin to do the right things without expecting
anything in return. Often, a spiritually matured or balanced person can do things without expecting anything in return. If you are a seeker of true happiness, try to do things without attaching yourself to the end result but do it as best as you can and the result will follow in the course of time.