The act of charity. Part 2

The act of charity is reaching out to others. Often, resentment, petty arguments and misunderstandings keep people apart. Pride and ego keep us away from reaching out to others. We let the others be the first to apologize. In this way, we are deprived of happiness and joy in relationships. Only in charity can we think of reaching out to others by letting go of our ego and pride. If we take the initiative to reach out in charity, we can win over the other person. When you believe that your position is more important than happiness and joy, you cannot let go. The real way to be happy and peaceful is to let go. It is painful yet it is rewarding in the long run. You can reach out and allow others to be right in practicing charity. When you do so, others will become less defensive of his or her position.You can sow the seeds of peace, joy, happiness, love and charity to make this world a better place to live in for all. Thus, charity is not only giving money for a good cause but it is also giving space to the other to grow as he or she is in exercising his or her freedom.