Friendship Part 1

Choice of friends. Our life is full of choices. We can choose whatever profession, whatever study and whatever food that we like to eat and the places we like to visit and stay. However, one of the most important choices is the choice of friends or relationship. Our life span is limited. Therefore, one of the most important choices is: with whom and how do we spend our time? Often, our plans and programmes are influenced by our choice of friends. Friendship is something you cannot force upon someone or demand from someone. We need to be wise, careful and have the freedom in choosing our friends. You can have friends who are living close to you or living far away. Your close or intimate friend is someone you often long to be with in good times as well as in bad times. You may seek advice and or spend your holiday and free time with him or her. Some people wish to have close friends but do not put in any effort to cultivate their friendship. You need to invest time and resources to establish and maintain an intimate friendship. You cannot passively wait until someone comes to you and say, I like you or I like to be your friend. If you like someone, you need to tell him or her your good intention to be friends. But remember not to force anyone to be your friend, as real friendship can grow only if there is true freedom. Sometimes there can be rejection and painful moments in the process of cultivating a friendship. Are you willing to take the risk and try to reach out to the other to find a faithful friend or a partner in your life journey?