Friendship part 3

Friends are like sign posts. One has to be careful in choosing friends. A proverb says that birds of the same feather flock together. Some friends can support and influence each other. Lucky are those who can get along with their friends. Sometimes, competition and jealousy can arise between friends. It is good to take the time to get to know the temperaments, likes and dislikes of each other to make the journey easy. Friendship is like an investment, it grows or diminishes in the course of time, unless they take good care of the needs of each other. Some sort of formal as well as informal meetings and sharing can go a long way to nurture the friendship. One has to set priority and create time to engage in activities together. This can be cooking, playing a game or going for a walk or for shopping together, etc. Can you enumerate what you like to do together with your friends? What are some of your fond memories of a friend? Do you really miss your friend? Did you ever experience a breakup in your friendship? How do you value friendship? What do you look for in a friend?