The Act of Charity part 5

Charity and charitable deeds are stepping stones to progress in the path of spirituality. Spiritual growth can be measured in terms of selfless service, self-sacrificing love towards the less fortunate men and women of our time. Globalization and liberalization often tend to work for the advantage of the most skilled people. It creates increasing number of poor and hungry people. It is a painful fact that a few individuals and multinational companies manage the resources of the world with a profit oriented, capitalistic economic drive. Though many rich men and women as well as multinational companies are contributing their share of charity to the NGOs, the number of poor and hungry men and women are on the increase even in the rich countries. In what way can we respond to this challenge as spiritual seekers? Can you do something to express your solidarity in charity with the poor and marginalized, who lack the basic necessities in life? Can you recollect the face of a poor man or woman whom you may have seen in recent days? Allow the life of that poor man to challenge your comfort zone. Can you feel with the poor and listen to your inner voice to respond in charity? Then, you can speed up your spiritual journey and spiritual growth .