The act of Charity part 1

Charity begins at home.Charity is a spiritual quality. One has to grow from self centeredness to other centeredness. To begin, one has to be charitable and kind to oneself. Charitable deeds have lasting value when it is done without any ulterior motive. When you do charity, you cannot expect anything in return. There must be no strings attached to the act of charity. It is a selfless giving. Nothing is expected in return. But, in the long run, all the charitable deeds are rewarded. These days, communication media and social media bring us closer. It is also possible to send help to anyone anywhere. Sometimes, the money can reach the places where oneself cannot be personally present. Due to globalisation, the whole world has become like a village. Charity and charitable words and deeds break the barrier of communication. 

Often, it is easy to be kind and compassionate to others who are living in a distance. We can share our time, talent and resources to help others.At times it is a challenge to be charitable to one’s own family members and life partner. Can you recollect a selfless deed that you did to someone recently?